Permanent Makeup

Another term for semi-permanent makeup is micro pigmentation. Pigments are introduced under the skin to give the appearance of makeup. It gives definition to eyebrows, eyes and lips.

This treatment is ideal for busy people or when on holiday, and can enable you to just get up and go in the morning without worrying about applying makeup.

A numbing cream is applied before this treatment. If you wear contact lenses it advisable to wear spectacles on the day of your treatment. Please contact us HERE with any questions you may have or if you would like to book your consultation.

Other reasons people choose this treatment are:

  • Allergies to conventional makeup
  • Poor sight and unable to apply makeup
  • Alopecia – loss of eyebrows and lashes
  • Shaky hands make it difficult to apply makeup accurately

You will be reviewed in 28 days when you may require a touch up to the treated area. There will be a charge of £50 at this visit.

To keep the colour of your semi- permanent make up it is advised that you refresh the colour every 12-18 months.

Semi permanent makeup
Eyebrow – hair stroke


Eyebrow – powder brow


Eyeliner (soft line) top or bottom


Eyeliner (soft line) top and bottom


Eyeliner Latino (thicker line) top or bottom


Eyeliner Latino (thicker line) top and bottom


Lip liner


Lip liner & blush


28 day touch up


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